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Mindjet for Android lets you visually capture, organize, and share ideas and information from any Android smart phone or tablet anytime, anywhere. Use Mindjet information mapping to get and stay productive! Collaborate and share maps and files with others in the cloud using Mindjet Files online.

Changes since Version 2

Box Integration

Create and edit maps in your Box from within Mindjet, or from within the Box app on your device. You can use Box from within Mindjet even if you don't have the Box app installed on your device - all you need is a Box account. If you have Box installed on your device, you can also use maps in your Box from within the Box app. See Use Box for more information.


Application menu has been removed, and its commands have been moved.

Background color:


Expand all branches:

Collapse all branches:

Maps and folders stored online in Mindjet Files display new icons.

Read-only folders and maps:

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Favorite map:

Hyperlinks to maps can be added to topics.

On local maps (on your device) you can add links to other local maps.

On maps in online locations (like Mindjet Files, Box and Dropbox) you can add links to other maps in the same location.

See Add hyperlinks for more information.


Changes since Version 3

New Button to Switch to Mindjet Tasks

On the title screen top navigation bar tap to switch to the Mindjet Tasks app for sharing and managing tasks with other Mindjet users. If you don’t have the Mindjet Tasks app installed on your device you are offered the option to download it.

Create a map from your camera

You can quickly create a new map of photo-topics from images that you take with your camera. You can also add photo-topics to an existing map. See Create a map from the camera for more information.


New in Version 4

Create Tasks

On the tools menu, tap  to send the selected topic to Mindjet Tasks as a new task. See Creating Tasks for more information.

Link to other maps

The hyperlink command now allows you to link to other maps more easily.


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