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To see the preferences that apply to using Mindjet Files choose Mindjet > Preferences.

On Startup:

Show Mindjet Files takes you directly to your Mindjet Files content when you start Mindjet. This does not automatically log you in to Mindjet, so if you enable this preference, it's a good idea to also enable the "Log in on startup" preference.

Log in to Mindjet - Automatically starts the login process each time you start Mindjet. You'll be connected automatically if you have selected the Remember this password in my keychain option on the login screen.
Not recommended if you are using a shared computer.

Mindjet Files:

Delete Offline Storage - deletes all the locally-cached copies of maps and files from Mindjet Files.  This does not affect local copies of maps and files that you have checked out.

Mindjet caches a local copy whenever you view or edit a map or file. You can view these local copies when you are in Offline mode. These copies are automatically deleted when you log out of Mindjet.

Learn more:

Log out or work offline

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