Options - View

To see these options click the File tab , click Options, and then click View.

Task pane tabs
Displays tabs vertically along side the task pane area to make switching between the panes easier.

Workbook tabs
If you display Workbook Tabs, you can right-click on them to quickly save, print, delete or close the map, remove an active filter and view or change the map properties. Tabs can be displayed at the top or bottom of the map window using the Workbook tabs placement option in this dialog (or right-click on a workbook tab to choose their placement).

File names in workbook tabs
You can choose to display the map's file name on the tab instead of displaying the central topic. This can be helpful if your maps have similar central topic text.

Accelerator shortcuts in dialog boxes
You can show accelerator keys in dialog boxes if you want to be reminded of shortcut keys for an action.

Hovered topic highlight
Hovered topic highlight frame

Displays a highlight to indicate the hovered topic and/or its frame. This can be useful when your map has closely-spaced topics and / or when it is displayed at a small size (zoomed out).

Collapsed relationships
If enabled, partial relationships are shown when one of the related topics is not visible. If disabled, no relationship is shown when one of the related topics is not visible.

Show filter overly in slides
If enabled, displays the filter indicator at lower left when the map is filtered, or some elements are hidden by the Show/Hide command.

Workbook tabs placement
See the description for
Workbook Tabs, above.

Timestamps format
Lets you choose Relative (for example "2 days ago") or Absolute (for example December 7, 2007) format for timestamps.

Built-in Browser
Home page: enter the address of the default page for the MindManager Browser. When you click the Browser task pane tab, the browser will open to this page.