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The Walk Through view is an alternative view that allows you to browse with a minimum of distraction. It switches from normal Map View to a full screen mode for maximum map space and hides all menus and toolbars. It also has options for automatically collapsing topics to make your presentation run more smoothly. The presentation toolbar at the bottom of the screen lets you navigate through and between maps. You can also use the shortcut keys in this mode to view, navigate, edit and even create new maps on the fly.

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Start Walk Through view

The buttons across the bottom of the Walk Through screen control the view:

Start resets the map to presentation-ready state: Collapses all main topics, centers the map, and switches focus to the central topic

Previous (or press SHIFT+TAB) moves backward (inward, then counter-clockwise) to the next collapsed topic and expands it.

Next (or press TAB) moves forward (outward, then clockwise) to the next collapsed topic and expands it. Topics are expanded as you specify in the Options (below).

Zoom in, out (or press CTRL+'=' and CTRL+'-' )

Open Map shows a menu with a list of all open maps. Use this list to switch between open maps or open a different map.


End Walk Through closes the presentation and returns to the regular Map View (or press ESC).

Editing during your presentation

You can still edit the map in Walk Through view - use the MindManager shortcut keys to add topics. For temporary access to commands you can switch on the ribbon by clicking the Options button.

Switching to other maps or applications during a presentation

In Walk Through view the MindManager window is automatically maximized and hides the Windows task bar.
Its a good idea to open all the maps you need in your presentation before you start. Switching between maps is smoother (requires fewer steps) than opening them.

Likewise, you should open any related applications you may want to switch to during your presentation before you start. Switching to a different application is smoother than opening one. The exception are applications that can be launched by links on your map. These open automatically as soon as you click the link icon.

Since the Windows task bar is usually hidden in this mode, you must use ALT+TAB to switch to a different active application (Hold down the ALT key and continue to press TAB to cycle through all open applications.) When you return to MindManager it will still be in Walk Through view.
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