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The Linked Maps view is used to view maps that are linked together by links. Linked Maps can be created by two methods:

  • By adding links to link existing maps together

  • By exporting topics from a map to a new map using the Send To command

This view displays preview images of the current map and all the maps that it links to. You can choose to display only the first level maps - those directly linked to this map - or maps at the second, third, or all levels. The map's "level' in relation to the parent is displayed as a small number in the lower-right of the map thumbnail.

Mindjet online features
Linked Maps view does not support links to maps stored online in Mindjet Files.



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See maps in Linked Maps view

A new workbook tab will appear, with the parent map name prefixed by "M:". For example, a workbook tab labeled M:My Map is created when the map My Map is displayed in Linked Maps view along with its linked maps.

In this view you can issue commands on all of the maps or on only a selected subset. Note that these maps are shown as previews: only the first map is opened unless you subsequently open the others.

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Linked Maps view commands

Once you have selected one or more maps in the Linked Maps view you can use the Linked Maps commands to execute perform the actions listed below. Many of these are also available when you right-click on a map preview.





Open Map

Opens the selected map in the normal Map view so you can view and edit it.
Read Hint


Close Map

Closes the map but does not remove its preview from the Linked Maps view. If you made changes to the map, use the Refresh command (below) to see a current preview.

Linked Maps

Send as Email

Zips the selected maps and attaches them to an email using the Send to wizard.


Pack and Go

Uses the Pack and Go wizard to archive maps in a. zip file.


Quick Print

Prints the selected maps immediately.



Opens the Search Files task pane so you can search the selected maps for a specific word or phrase.


Web Export

Exports the selected maps as Web pages.



Renames the selected map. If other maps link to this map, you will have to repair their links.


Select All
Deselect All

Select or deselect all maps in the view.



Refreshes the thumbnail previews for linked maps. If these maps have been opened, modified and then saved, you must refresh the previews to see the changes.


Map Levels

Displays maps linked directly to the parent map (first level), or includes second, third, or all levels of maps. The map's "level' in relation to the parent is displayed as a small number in the lower-right of the map thumbnail image.



Use large thumbnails if you only have a few maps.



Map Themes

Web Templates


Lets you assign a Theme, Marker List or Web Template to all the selected maps


Combine all

Combines all the displayed maps into one "super" map that you can save with a new name. This map is static - it does not contain any links to the maps that were combined to create it. If the individual maps change after combining them, you will not see the changes reflected in the combined map.

Encrypt maps

You can Encrypt multiple maps with passwords from the Linked Maps View.

  1. Select the map(s)

  2. Click the File tab, click Info, and then click Encrypt Document.

The maps will be protected with the passwords you enter. If you want to view previews of the password-protected maps in Linked Maps view you'll need to open them first.

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Linked Maps troubleshooting

Broken Links

If you delete or rename a map that is the target of a link, the link will be broken.

The Linked Maps View Rename command helps you avoid broken links: it allows you to rename the selected map and automatically updates all links in the maps that link to it, so no links are broken. (You can also right-click a map and choose Rename.)

When you open a map with broken links in Linked Maps View the map preview displays a broken link message. To repair the link, click on the thumbnail and either remove the link (also removes the map from the view) or update the map path to link to the correct file again.

Click Refresh to see an updated view of all the maps (for example, if you edit one of the maps in Map View).

Missing Preview Image

If you see a message that there is no preview image for the map, that means the map Properties Save preview image setting was disabled when the map was saved. You can remedy this by opening the map, enabling this setting, and re-saving the map.

Map is Password Protected

If you see an indicator that tells you a map is password protected instead of the map preview, you can double-click on the indicator and open the map (you must provide the password), then return to Linked Maps View.

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