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The Outline view allows you to see maps using a familiar visual form so you can read and navigate through the document from top to bottom. This view can be a helpful reference if you are just beginning to use MindManager.

If you plan to use a linear export format, like Word or Project, the outline view can be used to preview the map in a linear arrangement so you can make any necessary adjustments before the export. If you print the map from this view it will be printed in outline form. See Print an outline for more info. You can use the Topic Numbering option to add numbers to your outline before you print it.   

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See a map in Outline view

The outline view shows a Topics column showing the topic text. You can expand or collapse topics using the + and - icons here. In addition, these other columns are shown:

Icons column, showing all icons assigned to the topic

Links column, showing an icon if one or more links are included with the topic

Notes column, showing an icon if a topic contains notes text

Attached files column indicating whether the topic has attached files.

Right-click on any column heading to choose which columns you want to show or hide.

Click on any of these columns to quickly add, remove or modify this information for the current topic.

Use the Detail and Filter commands to control which topics are visible here.

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Navigate in Outline view

You can navigate through topics in Outline view using the mouse or the keyboard:



Click on any topic

Selects the topic


Select next or previous topic.


Selects first sibling topic.


Selects last sibling topic


Selects parent topic


Selects first subtopic


Select all topics between the current and the previously-selected topic


Select or de-select additional topics individually

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