Collapse and expand topics

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Collapse or expand topics to help focus on specific topics. The map prints and exports as displayed - collapsed topics are not expanded before printing or exporting.

When viewing the map, you can also Focus on a specific topic.

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Collapse or expand topics

You can collapse and expand individual topics interactively using the "+" and "-" icons that appear on each topic with subtopics. This can be convenient while working on a map or to open or close individual topics on smaller maps during a meeting.  

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Subtopic counter

When topics are collapsed, the expand icon (previously a "+" symbol) converts to a number icon (for example, ), indicating the number of unseen subtopics in the collapsed branch:

Map topics with subtopics.


Subtopics collapsed.

The subtopic counter is enabled by default. You can disable or re-enable it.

  1. Right click either the collapse icon ("–") or the number icon to open the context menu.

  2. In the context menu, uncheck Count Subtopics to disable the subtopic counter; check Count Subtopics to enable it.

Expand to a specific level

In some views, you expand or collapse topics to a specific level by using the menu and toolbar commands.

  1. Select a topic or topic(s).

  2. Do one of the following:

    On the Status Bar, click the Expand arrow , and then click the command you want to use.  Or On the View tab, in the Detail group, click the Expand arrow, and then click the command you want to use.

    Collapse topic - hides the subtopics but does not collapse them individually.

    Collapse branch - collapses all the subtopics individually and then hides them.

    Collapse map - collapses all the subtopics and shows only main topics; centers the map

    Next Level - expands the topic by one level

    1 Level, 2 Level, All Levels - shows 1, 2, or all levels

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Use collapse or expand shortcuts





Show next level
(expand one level at a time)


CTRL + or
CTRL + or

Collapse topic



Show level 1



Show level 2



Show level 3... etc. Up to level 9

ALT + SHIFT + 3 ... etc.


Show all levels

ALT + SHIFT + . (period)

SHIFT + or

Collapse Branch

ALT + SHIFT + , (comma)

SHIFT + or

Collapse Map



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