Code topics with markers

A map's overall appearance is determined first by selecting a map style to provide a default "look" for the map (topic fonts, shapes, colors, line types, etc.).   All topics appear in the default style when they are first added to the map.

You can go on to code individual topics with other distinctive visual elements called map markers - font colors, fill colors, text annotations and icons - each with an associated name or meaning. Markers are used to impart specific meaning to topics or classify them into groups . Markers can be used as criteria for topic selection and filtering .

A Map Markers List is a coding scheme where a set of map markers is organized into groups, and each marker has an associated meaning. Every map begins with a default map markers list, but you can choose a different list to use in the Template Organizer's Map Marker Lists pane. The lists can be customized in the Map Markers pane, saved, and then re-used on other maps.

You are not restricted to using only the markers in the current list on your map - you can code topics with other icons and they are added to the list dynamically. Special task icons (priorities, task complete %) appear automatically on topics when task information is assigned and are also dynamically added to the map markers list if they are not already included.

You can add a Legend topic to your map from the Map Markers pane that shows the markers and their meanings. Markers that are added dynamically will not appear in the legend unless they are named.

Outline View does not display fill colors or text markers for topics, but will display other markers (such as icons and font colors).

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