Collapse and expand topics

Collapse or expand topics to help focus on specific topics. The map prints as displayed - collapsed topics are not expanded before printing.

You can collapse and expand individual topics interactively using the icons that appear on each topic with subtopics - or in Map View, or in Outline View. This can be convenient while working on a map or to open or close individual topics on smaller maps during a meeting.

Press CTRL as you click the expand or collapse icons to cycle through the topic levels one level at a time.

Press SHIFT as you click the expand or collapse icons to show all levels or collapse all levels.

Collapse and expand multiple topics

The Detail function commands can work on a larger scale to set the display depth for multiple topic(s), or for the entire map. This is especially useful for focusing on a portion of a large map.

You can use the following commands:

Collapse topic - hides the subtopics but does not collapse them.

Collapse branch - collapses all the subtopics and then hides them.

Collapse map - Collapses all the subtopics and shows only main topics; centers the map

Next Level - expands the topic by one level

1 Level, 2 Level, All Levels - shows 1, 2, or all levels

Using the collapse commands with the Central Topic selected always shows the main topics.

Use collapse or expand commands

You can collapse a topic to hide all of its subtopics, or expand it to show the next level.

  1. Select a topic or topic(s).

  2. Do one of the following:





Show next level


CTRL + or / CTRL + or

Collapse topic



Show level 1



Show level 2



Show level 3... etc. Up to level 9

SHIFT + ALT + 3 ... etc.


Show all levels

SHIFT + ALT + . (period)

SHIFT + or

Collapse Branch

SHIFT + ALT + , (comma)

SHIFT + or

Collapse Map



MindManager also offers commands that allow you to focus on a specific topic.