Filter topics

Filtering is a convenient way to view only a subset of the topics on your map . This eliminates the need to delete topics that are not currently of interest, but remain valid map content.

Filtering effects how the map is displayed in Map View, Outline View, Multimap View and Presentation Mode.

There are two ways to filter your map. One way is to select a set of topics and then use the standard Filter command to show or hide those topics. The second way is to filter topics based on their properties. You can use the Power Filter command to specify the filter criteria (including a variety of properties and text) or use Quick Filter to simply show or hide topics coded with a specific icon marker.

Filtering is cumulative. Topics that are already hidden remain hidden when you apply a new filter. You must remove any filter you've previously applied to apply a new filter to all the map topics. The Remove Filter command (on the View tab, and in the Filter group and on the Status Bar ) is active when a filter is active.

When the map is saved, it is saved in a filtered state. All topics are still in the map, but hidden topics are not visible until you remove the filter. You can save the filtered map as a copy of the original using the Save As command - topics hidden by the filter are not included in the new copy of the map.

You can choose to show or hide other classes of map elements using the Show / Hide command.