Topic numbering

The Topic Numbering command can be used in Map View or Outline View to add a numbering scheme to the subtopics of the selected topic. If no topic is selected the numbering is applied to the whole map.

Number topics

  1. Select a topic (if desired). Numbering can only be applied to topics with subtopics.

  2. Do one of the following on the Format tab, in the Layout group:

Numbering is added at the start of the topic text for all subtopics up to the specified depth. If you add, remove, or reorganize topics your map will be automatically renumbered. If you switch to Outline View, the same numbering scheme will be used for your outline.

Once numbers are added they cannot be directly edited. (You can still edit the rest of the topic text.) If you want to delete the numbers you must use the Remove Numbering command to delete the numbering.

You can apply different types of numbering to different sections of your map.

You can change, expand or reduce the numbering scheme at any time by repeating the initial numbering steps. If you add numbering for a topic (or the entire map) that already contains numbered subtopics, the new numbering scheme will override the old and the subtopics will be renumbered.

Remove numbering

  1. Select the root topic for the numbering.

  1. On the Format tab, in the Layout group, click the Numbering arrow, then click Remove Numbering.

Notes on Exporting numbered maps ▼

Numbering is included:

You can choose your own numbering scheme that is independent from the map numbering during Word Export.

Numbering is ignored: