Image export settings


Color Quality

You can choose either 256 color or 24 bit color.
Buttons are enabled depending on the bitmap format:
BMP: both, GIF: 256 only, PNG: both, JPEG 24bit only

Transparent background

For GIF and PNG files in 256 color mode, you can choose to make the files transparent.


You can choose from several preset Width and Height values. Lock aspect ratio is set as needed.

To enter your own image size, click:

  • Custom (enter values)
    Lock aspect ratio on or off.

Minimum value for Width and Height is 20, no maximum limit.


Opens the exported file in the application that is associated with it.

If Lock aspect ratio is enabled, the width and height reflect the same aspect ratio as the current map. If one value is changed, the other is automatically adjusted. If this option is switched off the map is centered into the exported bitmap with the map background covering the whole bitmap area.