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Gantt View displays tasks on your map as a task list and a Gantt chart. You can add, remove, an change some Task Info directly in this view. A task must have a Start Date and Due Date to appear in the Gantt chart.

See Print for more information on printing your map as a Gantt chart.

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View tasks as a Gantt Chart

A Gantt chart shows your tasks in a timeline view.

The Gantt chart will display tasks that have a Start date and a Due date.



 Non-work days are shaded on the chart. These are defined in the Map Calendar.


If you enable the Show Overutilized Weeks in Gantt Chart option (on the Gantt button pull-down menu) weeks with Overutilized resources are indicated by special shading on the Gantt chart.


Dependencies are also shown here.


Filtered tasks

By default, the Gantt Chart will not show tasks that are hidden on the map by a filter. You can display these tasks in the Gantt chart without disabling the filter by doing one of the following:

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Orient and navigate in the Gantt Chart

Use the splitter between the task list and the Gantt chart to adjust the view of the list and chart.

To zoom in and out (decrease or increase the displayed range of dates) do one of the following:

To see a different range of dates, use the scrollbar at the bottom of the chart, or drag the date bar at the top of the chart left or right.

You can expand or collapse tasks in the list or in the chart:

Selecting tasks in Gantt view

When a task is selected on the map it will be selected in Gantt view. Selecting a different task in Gantt view will not change the task selected on the map.

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Add tasks in Gantt  View

Right-click on a task in the task list or on the chart, and then click:

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Change Task Info in Gantt View

You can change some Task Info directly in Gantt View.

Change task start times

A task will always begin at the start of the work day
Exception: a task that is a dependent task can start or end part-way through a work day.

When you drag a task in the Gantt chart to change its start time, the start time will snap to the beginning of the day.
Exception: the start time for a dependent task will not move beyond the position required to honor the dependency.

Change task duration

When you drag the end of a task bar to change its duration, the end you drag will snap to the closest day boundary.
Exception: the start or end of a dependent task will not move beyond the position required to honor the dependency .

If the task is not dependent on another task, it’s minimum task duration becomes 1 day. In other words, you cannot drag the end of the task to create a partial-day task. This can only be done by using the task pane to change the task duration.

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