What is Mindjet MindManager Viewer?

What is a map?

Use this map

Orient the map

Select topics

Change the detail level

View topic notes

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Find text

Print this map

Embed your Viewer file in a blog or Web page

Embed the MindManager Viewer on a SharePoint page


Welcome to Mindjet MindManager Viewer! You are viewing a map that was created by Mindjet MindManager visual mind mapping software.

What is Mindjet MindManager Viewer?

MindManager Viewer is a self-contained application that lets you interact with a map created by Mindjet MindManager.

What is a map?

Mind mapping is a powerful technique that allows you to make the most of your brainpower by creating maps that use color, lines, and images to capture and organize your ideas, information, and tasks.

A mind map is a diagram that presents ideas, information and tasks in a radial, graphical, non-linear manner.

Each node on the map is called a topic. A map can contain the following topic types:

One central topic

Main topics that branch off the central topic

Floating topics not connected to the main topic

Callout topics extending from another topic

Subtopics branching off main topics, floating topics or callouts

Topics are arranged into groupings called branches, in a hierarchy according to their importance.

Topics can be connected by relationships, and grouped or summarized with boundaries:

Use this map

Orient the map

Move the map:   

Change the map magnification:

Fit the map to the window:

Center the map:

“Pop out” an embedded map:

  Select topics

When you select a topic it shows a blue outline.

To select a single topic click on it.

To select multiple topics:

Change the detail level

Clickon a topic to show its subtopics, or click to collapse it.

Select one or more topics, right-click, and select the detail level.

To change the detail level for the whole map, select the Central Topic, right-click, and then choose the detail level.

Select a topic, click to focus on it (center and expand it to an optimum level; collapse all other topics).

View topic notes

Click the Notes icon   on a topic to see its notes.

Plain text notes display in the Viewer. Those with special formatting are not displayed.

Point to the Notes icon   to see a summary of the Note.

Jump to links

Click the Hyperlink icon on a topic to jump to the link destination.

You may also see icons for broken links  - these are links that were on the original map but are not supported by MindManager Viewer (for example links to local files on the sender's system).

Find text

Click Find  to search for text in the map.

Enter the text you want to look for.

Click Next or Previous   to find the text, and again to find the next occurrence.

Print this map

Click Print .
(If you are viewing a map embedded in a SharePoint page, click Pop Out first, and then click Print in the new window.)

The map will print just as it is displayed in the Print Preview window - with topics expanded or collapsed as shown.

Select the options you want to use.

To select a specific area to print, click and drag on the map preview.

When you're all set, click Print .

Embed your Viewer file in a blog or Web page

Use this code to embed your Viewer file (exported from MindManager in .swf format) in a Web page or blog entry:





        width="610" height="460">

        <param name="movie" value=”<PATH TO SWF FILE>">

        <param name="bgcolor" value="#FFFFFF">

        <param name="quality" value="high">

        <param name="allowscriptaccess" value="samedomain">

        <param name="wmode" value="transparent">





          width="610" height="460"

          src="< PATH TO SWF FILE >"








This code is appropriate for modern, standards-based web browsers that include Adobe Flash Player 7 or higher. If this plug-in is not detected in a user’s browser - which is required in order to view MindManager Viewer files - the user will be prompted to install Adobe Flash Player.  More information about Adobe Flash Player:

Embed the MindManager Viewer on a SharePoint page

In order to embed the Viewer on a SharePoint page, your SharePoint administrator must first install MindManager Map Share, available from Mindjet. Then, you can use the SharePoint page editing tools to add the Mindjet MindManager Viewer Web Part to your page.

Once the part is added, you can customize it to specify the map you want to display and change its appearance.

At the upper-right corner of the Web Part, click the arrow, and then click Edit Web Part.

Change the displayed size

In the Appearance group, change the Height and Width settings to display the Web Part at a specific size

Specify the map to display

In the MindManager Viewer Properties group paste the URL for the map (.mmap file) into the Mind Map URL field.

Click Apply at any time to check the changes you have made, then click OK when you are finished.

Complete information on configuring other Web Part properties is available from Microsoft at: