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Software for the way teams want to work.

Mindjet provides software for the way teams want to work—interactive knowledge-sharing products and online services used by over a million individuals and workgroups to drive productivity, team effectiveness and business innovation.

While e-mail, office and collaboration tools have created more content, meetings and demands, Mindjet optimizes the way people actually work. Users can tie together, visually map and easily interact with all the ideas, information and people that any project or initiative requires through a single dashboard—in ways that are web simple and team smart.

The work maps that users create become collaborative, knowledge-driven resources that can be shared in online environments with live co-editing and web meeting capabilities.

The result is a unique ability to make meetings more productive, projects more efficient, information more accessible and communications more effective—helping every person and organization achieve the most with every minute of time and effort.

Use Mindjet's software and services  to work smarter, think creatively, and save precious time - every day!

Mindjet Software and Services

MindManager is software that creates interactive visual maps  to capture, organize and communicate ideas and information effectively. Information presented in map form is easier to organize, understand, and recall.

MindManager Pro 7  includes powerful features for creating, formatting and sharing maps. It is tightly integrated with Microsoft applications such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Project, Outlook,  and Visio for easy importing and exporting. Maps can be linked to variety of data sources such as RSS feeds, websites, and popular applications like Salesforce.com®.

Mindjet Connect is a service that offers collaboration features to store maps and documents on a Mindjet Connect server in discreet workspaces with specific members. Server-based mapping allows for real-time sharing and co-editing of maps, saving map and document revisions, and conducting Instant Meetings to view, edit and create maps and documents with a group of colleagues.

Mindjet Connect can be used with MindManager Pro and with its web-based counterpart MindManager Web*.  Mindjet Connect collaboration features are automatically enabled in MindManager Pro when you sign in to the service.

MindManager Web* provides a full-featured mapping and collaboration experience with no download or installation requirements.  Team members have secure access to workspaces, real-time co-mapping capabilities and web conferencing participation—all within a standard web browser. MindManager Web can be accessed from the Mindjet web site.

* A Beta version of MindManager Web was available when  MindManager Pro 7.2 was released. Check the Mindjet web site for current information on the availability and features of MindManager Web.