Export a map to Microsoft Word

The Word Export feature exports your map in outline form to Word. Only visible topics are exported. This means you can apply a filter or subsequent filters to hide a set of topics you don't want to include in the document.

If you want to include a graphical image of your map in a Word document, you can achieve this by creating an image file from your map and then inserting this into Word.

To save the map in a Word document in outline form:

  1. Do one of the following:

  1. The Word Export Settings dialog appears, so you can tailor the export to your liking.

Hint: Take a look at the map in Outline View first for a general idea of what the exported Word file will look like.

  1. Click Export when you have set the options to your liking.

  2. A message appears when the export is done (except when you use the Send to... option.)

Note: by default, bitmaps are converted to metafiles on export for better compatibility with some RTF readers. Use the Tools - Options - Notes setting Convert bitmaps to metafiles to disable this behavior.

Hint: You can quickly create a simple text outline of your map in Word by this method: select the Central Topic, press Ctrl+C (or Edit -Copy), switch to Word and press Ctrl+V (or Edit - Paste).