Format PowerPoint slides

When MindManager creates a PowerPoint presentation, it optimizes the slide layouts to distribute the topics evenly and avoid topic repetition. If you want to fine-tune the slides before you export your presentation you can preview and change the slide formatting in the Format PowerPoint Slides task pane. You may also add or remove slides from the presentation here, and update the slide list to include any new topics.

Its a good idea to finalize the overall content of your presentation before changing the formatting of individual slides. If you change only the topic content or add a topic on an existing slide, this is reflected immediately in the slide previews and does not impact the rest of your slides. But if you add a topic that will produce a new slide it can affect the presentations's structure.

See PowerPoint export hints for more advice on creating a map suited for PowerPoint export.

Preview your slides

To preview your slides in the Format PowerPoint Slides task pane:

Shaded areas will appear on your map showing how topics will be grouped and on which slides they will appear. A preview image of each slide displays in the task pane.

If you make changes to your map and want to see the latest slides, click the pull-down menu on any slide and select Refresh Slide Preview or Refresh All Previews.

Generating slides

The Generate slides setting determines how and when slides are generated and what options are available for customization. The Automatic setting always regenerates the entire presentation and allows only limited customization. The Manually option lets you regenerate only the slides you indicate on-demand. It offers more options for customizing your slide formats and allows you to add or remove individual slides, but can take more effort to use.

The visual cues for the slides' topic arrangement indicate when its time to regenerate, that is, if topics are omitted from slides or if you see overlapping slide layouts. This can be the result of adding topics that require additional slides or by changing the slide type to include more or less information.

Note: If you delete topics from the map, they are automatically removed from the presentation - no regeneration is required.

Generate slides Automatically

The first time your presentation is generated MindManager uses automatic generation: all the topics are distributed among slides in an optimized fashion. MindManager automatically determines the slide type and information depth to use on each slide to avoid duplicating topics.

In this mode you can change the slide's appearance (whether to include an image and the image source) but not the depth of information it contains. If you want to increase or reduce the depth of information for some of the slides in your presentation you should use the Manually generation mode.

If you add new topics that require new slides they are not automatically created (as indicated by the slide cues on the map) and you'll need to regenerate the presentation.

Click Regenerate whole map to re-create the entire presentation. In addition, your entire presentation gets re-generated automatically whenever you open the Format PowerPoint Slides task pane or when you export the presentation.

Generate slides Manually

In this mode you can tweak MindManager's automatic topic distribution by changing the individual slide types or bullet depth to include more or less information on any slide.  

As a result of this customization some topics may be omitted (not included on a slide) or duplicated (included on overlapping slides). Manual mode allows you to add and remove individual slides from the presentation to remedy this without affecting the rest of the slides. This mode is also convenient if you add new topics or if you want to exclude some of the topics from slides.

To include omitted topics:

  1. Click on an omitted (unshaded) topic.

  2. Double-click the placeholder that appears in the task pane
    Click Add slides for the selected topic

Hint: you can include some subtopics without creating additional slides by increasing the bullet depth of the slide for the parent topic.

To remove unwanted slides:

  1. Select the topic(s) on your map.

  2. Click Delete slides of the selected topics at the top of the task pane
    Right-click on the slide preview and select Delete slide.

The slide will be removed from your presentation but the topic will not be removed from your map.

Change slide types

Its usually a good idea to finalize the content of your presentation before you begin formatting individual slides. When you change the format of a slide MindManager will refresh the slide previews automatically.

  1. Hover over the slide you want to change.

  2. Click on the pull-down menu to see your formatting choices. (You'll have more choices if you set the Generate slides option to Manually*.)

  3. Select the new format.

  4. Click OK.

The presentation will automatically be updated to reflect the new formatting.

* If you have the Generate Slides option set to Manually you can change the slide type or bullet depth to increase or decrease the amount of information on the slide. MindManager will adjust your presentation accordingly, but you may have to add slides to include all the topics or remove slides to avoid duplication. If you find that topics are omitted or duplicated on your slides you can use the steps outlined above under Generate slides manually to add or delete them.

You can use these settings for your slides.

Bullet depth:
This setting applies only to slides that already display bullets, and is only available if you have Generate slides set to Manually. If you increase the bullet depth you may find that you are repeating topics on more than one slide. You can remedy this by deleting the duplicate slides. If you decrease the bullet depth you may have "leftover" topics that aren't included on slides. You should add these using the steps above.

Image source:
For slides with images you can choose the map image with 1 level of subtopics, or the map image with 2 levels of subtopics. Choose No image if you want to suppress the image. A space will be left on the slide where the image would have otherwise displayed.

Hint: The display of callouts, their background color, the PowerPoint Template selection and more can be set in the PowerPoint Export Format Settings dialog. You can change these options while formatting your slides by clicking the Settings button in the Format PowerPoint Slides task pane, or when the settings are displayed on export.