Print an outline

You can print an outline from Outline view or by using  the Word export feature.

Printing from Outline view offers the advantage of printing topics with varying levels of detail, and (like Word export) you can choose to print only the topics you select.

When MindManager prints a map displayed in Outline view, it prints just what you see. This means that if a topic is closed, it's subtopics are not printed. This allows you to print the outline with varying levels of detail for individual topics. You can also choose to print only the topics you have selected.

To print the outline:

  1. If you only want to print certain topics, select them now. Expand or collapse topics (use the icons) to get the desired level of detail in the printed outline.

  2. Click on the Print button or click File - Print.

  3. Make your selections in the dialog and click Print.

Note: Use the File - Page Setup command to choose margins and other settings for your printed outline. These settings are saved with the map, so the next time you print the same settings will be used.

Outline Printing hints