Format background

MindManager comes with a wide assortment of suitable background images designed to enhance the look of your map. It is easiest to add these background images from the MindManager Library pane.

If desired, you can use your own image as a background image when you set the background format: it should be subdued in content or by using transparency to "fade" it so it doesn't detract from the map.

To add a MindManager background image from the Library:

  1. Click the Library pane tab.

  2. Click the Background images folder, and locate the image you want to use.

  3. Click on the preview image in the lower part of the Library pane to add the image to your map.

Hint: Use the formatting options to fade the background or combine it with a color.

Formatting the map background

You can format the map background to select a solid color (instead of or in addition to an image) or include your own background image. You can control the background image transparency here (for your own image or for MindManager background images).

To format the map background:

  1. Do one of the following:

  1. Select the background Color if desired.

  2. Select a background image file. (If you've already selected an image from the library, you'll see its name here.) The image will be tiled according to the Tile options you select.

  3. Set the image transparency (0% is opaque).

Note: The background image is drawn on top of the color, so if you make the image transparent the background color will show through.

To remove a background image:

Do one of the following: